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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is it Fall yet?

We woke up early to a huge crack of thunder in the dark and flashes of lightning that lit up the whole room.  It poured most of the day since, and I think Fall is really here.  SO unusual for Vegas in October to get this kind of weather, but we are enjoying every minute of it!  We began to think that summer would never end.  The heat was never going to let up---so it was nice to turn off the AC and just open the doors and windows.  Speaking of windows, Roxy was not too sure about the whole thing.  I guess she just had to check out the weather in the window most of the day.  Poor Roxy, no walks today! 
Doesn't she look just pitiful?  Maybe her real name is Pitiful Pearl.  She stared out that window for hours! 

So, while listening the the pound of thunder I kept myself very busy sewing today.  I also picked out fabric for a new tree skirt.  Winterbury by RJR Fabrics.  I think it will make a really pretty tree skirt.  I'll keep you posted on that one!

I love this line.  There will be a new quilt and tablerunner coming out in this line for next year.  There is just a hint of gold lines in some of the fabrics and they have that elegant feel.

I'm also practicing hard on improving my longarm skills and here is the back of a quilt that shipped this week for Houston.  Of course sometimes, the back shows the quilting even better than the front of the quilt!  I must do a wholecloth someday.  It's on my bucket list!!! 

Here's the front of the same quilt!!
It's difficult getting the designs to show up on really busy fabrics, so deciding what to quilt is the biggest challenge!!  This is a line called "Chloe" by Benartex.  It will show at Houston Quilt Market.
Here's another sneak peak of a quilt for RJR Fabrics called  "A is for Annabelle".  What a sweet children's line this is!

This quilt uses an alphabet panel that is just so cute.  And instead of binding, I made a ruffled edge.  I love my Bernina #86 foot for ruffles.  You can adjust the dept of the pleat and the distance between them.  It makes doing ruffles a snap! 

I wasn't expecting to attend Houston Market this year, but I had one of those days when everything just happened to fall into place in one day, and well, I'm going!  I can hardly wait to see my favorite booths, make contacts with people I usually only talk to on the phone or visit via email, and I"m really looking forward to seeing the latest trends.  I'll take my camera and report back!  Until then, I have 3 more quilts to finish and ship next week for Market.  So until next time,  keep quilting!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall is getting close--that means Houston International Quilt Market is too!

If you can imagine this quilt rotated, then you get the real picture!  This is an RJR fabric line called Sutton Hill, and it is a great new flannel that will be out shortly! 

Here is a sneak peek of a new Benartex quilt that will be at the show this year.  The line is called Habitat.  There is so much to share with you, but alas, much of it will have to wait until market is over!  At least I can share a clip!
The work has been coming in fast, more boxes of fabric almost everyday.  The deadlines are quickly approaching, and in spite of myself, I think I will make it!!  Do you ever have one of those days when you forgot to look outside before you knew the sun went down?  LOL!  Well, that's market time!  Soon I will have so much free time I won't know what to do with myself.  Oh, but I have plans, lots and lots of plans!!!

I do try to take walks with my girls though, every single morning.  The quail are out and the mornings are cooler, so it's a real joy and gets me ready for the day ahead.  There is a new Christmas BOM I have been working on for next year, more magazine issues coming soon and lots more to share.  And just in case I don't get back to post in time---Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've been busy!!

Well, who the heck isn't busy these days?  I've been sewing, sewing, and sewing.  I've got so much to show you!! These are just a few of the latest quilts I've been doing for Benartex, P&B, and RJR Fabrics.  I tried to add more but there must be a limit on the pictures allowed per posting!  I'll add more soon.  In the midst of all this quilting and sewing, we also put down laminate wood floors in my sewing room, the den and our master bedroom so there hasn't been a minute to spare most of the time and I've really missed my blogging, the chance to read all of your blogs too.   I have a few more going into magazines, and some those I'll have to share with you later, but here are a few from my busy summer! It has been productive though, and I've really enjoyed putting together some new designs.   This first photo is a sneak peak of an quilt for a future Fons and Porter magazine.  This one uses parchment paper as a foundation, but no foundation piecing!  It's a fun one to do.  The line is Flower Power by RJR.
Isabella in the making, almost completed!
Word Play by Benartex
ready to ship for an upcoming F&P issue

See the Aldo Zippy quilt by P&B Textiles
Aldo Zippy in Fons & Porter Baby Quilt
Fall 2010
Isabella, see on the back cover of a recent
Fons and Porter magazine!

The Full Pantry quilt is alot of fun to make, see below!
New Benartex line Sew Chick
Full Pantry pattern available for purchase $9 from me.
 RJR Fabrics Farmers Market!

This quilt is a 1930's line by P&B Textiles for Fons and Porter, which should be out soon.  I love using prairie points on occasion, and this one is just the right size for a table topper.
Nellie's Garden
This is and RJR line called Tropical Breeze and I sell the pattern now as well.  It is 70" x 70", and easy to do!
A Paula Nadlestern line by Benartex, you should be able to find this kit in an upcoming Keepsake Quilting catalog!

I have much more to share, but until then, I will leave you all with the wishes for a wonderful summer, and kids safely off to school soon.  Where has the time gone? 
Keep Quilting!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm back, I'm still alive.

My gosh, how time flies.  It has been pretty crazy with Spring Market work, and then my Dad became very ill and I flew to Seattle to spend some time with my parents.  He was in the hospital for 13 days at the ripe old age of 88 before they finally decided he could come home, much to everyone's relief.  He had an intestinal blockage that finally fixed itself, and we were all glad that he didn't have to go in for surgery before it was over.  Along the way I got a great pic of Mt St. Helens from the window seat.  It was a clear beautiful day so I was thrilled to see it so clearly.  I remember my parents telling me how they actually heard the blast when St Helens blew.  Amazing.

So now after several long weeks, I can say that I actually finished all 9 quilts, plus designed 15 more.  There will be alot of quilts coming out in magazines this year from many of these.  The first one this year is the Summer issue of Fabric Trends magazine.  I also got a full page add in Fons and Porter for a quilt I designed for Quiliting Treasures last year!  It has been busy, busy, busy.  I'm really thankful that alot of the pressure is off on deadlines.  I'm still designing more, and have 4 more quilts to make.  A few longarm jobs in betweenand I should be all caught up!  HELP!  I need a vacation!!!!  
This one I think I posted in the past while it was still in progress.   This line is called Summer Solstice by RJR Fabrics.
The heat has been unreal here in Vegas for almost a week now.  Last Sunday was 110!  Summer came quick, I hardly knew Spring was here.  Summer here can almost be like those cold snowy winters in the midwest.  We just stay inside and quilt!  lol  Well, I guess not everyone quilts, but that's what's going on in this house!
Personally, I just love strawberries and they are in season. Love that strawberry shortcake.  I always make mine using a white cake mix to bake the cake, then serve it warm with sliced sweet strawberries and your favorite whip cream.   Speaking of cake, I have a whole new design called "Eat Dessert First".  It's adorable and I hope you will enjoy it too when it comes out.  Here's a little sneak peak for you!
There are cupcakes too in the pattern.  I'll keep you posted on when it will be out there! 
I know it's not Thanksgiving just yet.  But I am so thankful for my Dad's recovery and the fact that I have a job in these times. Hope you are all well and happy, and I definitely plan to be back soon.
Until then, Keep Quilting....                                                                            

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fiber Arts Show, Pahrump, NV

Best of Show!!!
The Pahrump Fiber Arts Show was held on April 9-11 this year, and I was very honored to be asked to judge the show this year!  It was a great experience, I learned alot, and met some wonderful ladies and quilters at the show.  There were some BEAUTIFUL quilts to peruse, and I was like a kid in a candy store!!  LOL!  But I wanted to share some of these beautiful quilts with all of you!  The bargello quilt was just fantastic, the color choices really took your breath away! I have these posted at random here.  There were a few really cute and whimsical quilts as well, like the frogs in the water!!This one is Judge's Choice

The Best of Show was an exquisite piece of work, all hand stitched applique and hand quilted.  I wish these pics showed up better!
I have many other here at random, for you to see.Frogs!!Here is just another sneak peak at some of my own handiwork, a couple of quilts that are heading to Spring Market 2010!
There will soon be some upcoming magazines to share with you as well!  The weather has been wonderful, but the sewing room is calling.  Lots more work to do before Market!  Until then, Keep Quilting!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter is coming!

Peanut is wondering what is going on around here.  There are eggs everywhere.  Real ones and glass ones......
And rabbits of all things.But Roxy doesn't seem to be bothered with all this nonsense.  She's just waiting for the peeps to come out.  In  full force.  She knows how it works around here. 
 The flowers are in bloom, the weather is getting nicer and it won't be long before we start eating outdoors again.  The flowers have been beautiful so far!  Of course, when it's spring, it also means Spring Market, and I've been busy busy busy.  Here's a sneak peak of one that has already shipped out!  I'll have lots more to show you soon!
I'll be sharing a new logo design with you very soon too!  And in the meantime I know what I'll be doing.......Keep Quilting!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Addition to the Sewing Room

I think my poor husband might be glad he's going back to work this week. He had some vacation time to kill, and we decided to stay home. We went to the movies, and out to dinner, and before he knew what hit him, he was moving furniture and hanging shelves up for me!! Well, I have to say, it really was his fault. He decided he didn't want the elliptical in the dining room anymore. "What? You mean it doesn't look good in the dining room?" I exclaim. Well, NO, not particularly. So, the quest was on to find a place in the house where it would fit, and I would still use it. Yes, I do use it. I won't tell you how often, but I do still use it. So into my sewing room it went! It weights about 200 lbs, it really is a nice one, so we finally put those furniture sliders under the base and "slid" it right into my sewing room. Of course this demanded a total room makeover, so before you know it, I'm changing quilts on the walls and hanging all those little hooks and shelves I've been meaning to get to for eons. We moved a huge cabinet in the corner to the opposite corner so that ever important and quintessential elliptical would fit .
Now here's a shot looking in from the doorway, and you really don't even know it's there!

Moving quilts meant the longarm room had to have some changes as well, so he really didn't know what monster he had uncovered until it was WAY too late!! lol!

New quilts now hang in the longarm room, and I really enjoy the new view.

Ooops, yes, those ARE Twilight posters on that far wall. Ok, you caught me.
I also have the only quilt I've ever sent to a really big quilt show hanging there. I sent it to Road to Calif in 2004, and it was accepted. It won Best of Show in my quild that year for our quilt challenge, and I have to say, it was one of the most fun quilt projects I ever made. The theme was God Bless America, and I finished it on the day we went to war with Iraq. I'll have to show a more close up pic in the next post. It is raw edge applique, painted, couched and was just fun in general finding fabrics, like feathers for the eagle.
I also got my old bench from an old dresser that is long gone painted and recovered. It looks way better than it did in that old antique ugly green.

Ok, so yes, I have been quilting as well. I'm going to get this quilt on the longarm by tomorrow. All the blocks are done and I should finish putting it all together tonight. I cooked dinner late last night while I was in the mood, so I don't have to cook tonight!

The fabrics are from RJR called Summer Solstice. This quilt will be going to Fabric Trends Magazine for their Summer issue 2010! The missing secret here is the sashing. It will look totally different when the sashing goes into the design.

Next I'll be doing a cool paper piecing design from these fabrics by Benartex, I'm just waiting for the black to come in.
I'll show you progress as we go along.
Until then, keep quilting!

Twilight Christmas