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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fons and Porter Magazine issue!

Ok, so this has to be a record for me. I mean I'm blogging twice in one day and before this you hadn't heard from me in weeks!!! I just got the mail, and my new Fons & Porter Magazine for Nov/Dec was there. I found my Victory Garden quilt on page 46!!!! This is one of my favorites and I wanted to share it with you!!
All of you that are going to Market have a great time and tell me all about it when you get back!! It was a new longarm room, or go to Market, so the room won, but now that the time is here I am itching to go!!! Have fun everybody!!

Light at the End of the Tunnel!!!

Someone in this household is very happy that I am finally done with Market quilts!!! Roxy just can't believed that we haven't gone for more walks and that I haven't been able to play with her all day long! Last time I looked outside it was hotter than blazes and now it's FALL!!! Where did the time go? The Market quilts have all been sent away, and they will be hanging at Houston. I couldn't have done it without the help of my good friends who helped me bind so I could meet my deadlines. Thankyou to Darlene, Kelly and Janet. I love you guys and don't know what I would have done without your support and helping hands! You are the best.

I have a few more sneak peaks at some of the new lines and new patterns that are coming out soon! Below is a line from Benartex, called Laurel Cottage.

Pie, anyone?

I'll be able to share more with you after Market!!!
Some of you have asked about the pattern for the Mariners Holiday (or Victorian Christmas Star) that was in Fabric Trends Magazine. I will have the patterns ready to sell by the end of Oct, this month. I have kept all your requests so far, but if anyone is interested you may email me at jnagle4@cox.net to inquire about them.
I may have some fun projects coming out later for Marie Osmonds fabric line too! So stay tuned!
Also, we have made a big decision! My husband is actually going to give up part of the garage for a new longarm space where I can get my work done! I will post pics as soon as we start the project. I am so excited to get more room in the actual sewing room, and maybe I will stop getting bruises from bumping into corners everytime I turn around! Everything seems to being falling into place! I am getting a bigger, 12ft table for the longarm as soon as the room is ready. I can hardly wait!!! Can you tell? AND I get to paint another room! My favorite thing to do! Now I have to figure out what color, hmmmm.
Talk to you soon!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fabric Trends issue for Fall 2008

Well, it's here! The fall issue is out on the stands now, and I had to share with you the page in the back with my quilt!!! I am really excited! I've had someone ask about a pattern, which they don't give in the magazine. Bert, I can't answer your comment, you don't have it set up for reply, but if you will send me your email address I will write to you, and thanks for your interest.
Here's the one page photo in the back, hmmmm, I'm thinking it is time to update that picture, it is already 1 yr old. I am still working fast and furiously on quilts for Market, which might explain my weekly posts. When those are over, I will be back more frequently, I have really missed visiting with all of you!!! At least the weather has made a change for the Fall season and I am really enjoying the cooler temps.
The pictures below are some of the quilts shown at the Loa retreat. I thought you might like to see what people are doing out there. I love show and tell, it always inspires me to do more, and even something better than I've done before. Hope you enjoy these, which are just a few of the beautiful quilts we saw in Loa, Utah.

The blue and white is a quilt done by Marsha Chappel.
Tina Paris and her finished version of last year's quilt, which we all put together differently. Marsha is on the right.
Love these colors!!
Karen Martin and her beautiful Mariners Compass quilt.

I had to share this beautiful quilt with you, made by Pat Gibbs, designed by Kaffe Fasset from his Musem Quilts book. You could stare at this forever and still not see everything! Darlene Finney, owner of Quilters Quarters in Henderson, NV, taught this as a block of the month last year. Of course there were SEVERAL blocks each month!! lol!
Did you ask me if I had mine done yet? Oh, good, I'm glad you didn't!!!!!! What a beautiful job Patt!!!!!

I'll be sending some more sneak peaks very soon----- so check back with me! In the meantime, the sweatshop is going strong!!! Till next time....keep quilting!!

Twilight Christmas