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Friday, July 22, 2011

Grandbabies are the best!

We just got home from a week in Sacramento to see all the Grandkids and our kids, including the newest addition to the family, Shane, born July 5th at 9 lbs even.  He is so adorable, and of course I'm prejudice but who can resist a cute little face like that?   We had a wonderful time and I miss them already, boo hoo.  All of a sudden, living 10 hrs drive away is feeling a little too far!   Roxy and Peanut rode with us in the car and they were so good, and played with the other dogs while we were there.  Roxy actually seems depressed at being back home where it's quiet and not as much action going on.  Everyone says a week old baby can't smile, but I beg to differ!  Grandma is so proud! 
We also got to see our twin grand daughters at their horse show, and watch them ride.  They look so small up on those big animals but they really know what they are doing.
The twins are both in this picture, Presley relaxing with a drink of water while her sister Peyton is finishing up right behind her on the horse. 

Before we left I finished up this longarm job for
the store, and I was so happy with the results.  I believe this is a pattern from Tula Pink.  They have it hanging at Quiltique right now, I'll have to go see it in the store!
I'm busy designing for Fall Market already and have started a couple of the quilts.  I'll have some fun things to show you soon!  In the meantime, I have another quilt published in the Aug/Sept issue of The Quilter Magazine showing my Making Waves quilt!
It's a fun little quilt to do, full of fish, seaweed and ocean waves at the bottom. Very little applique (fish bubbles) and the rest is easy piecing. 

With the heat all over the country, we feel pretty fortunate to have the dryness out here in Vegas right now.  But the monsoons are coming back in a just a day or two.  Sounds like a good time to go to the movies!  Kettlecorn, coke and a movie, doesn't get much better than that!  Until next time---keep quilting!

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