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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is it Fall yet?

 Well, the heavy monsoons we had this year really made an impact on the Las Vegas valley.  This is a view from our back yard as the huge storm that flooded so many parts of the city rolled into our area, in the southwest part of town.  The storms are over now, and the crisp cool evenings and early mornings of Fall have arrived.  It is so wonderful to walk the dogs and be comfortable!  My husband and I decided to celebrate the Fall weather with a new purchase, to give us hours of exercise and entertainment that we are already enjoying, new bicycles! 

My new Specialized bike has 21 gears which we need because we live on a mountain and all the streets in the area are hills!  Talk about a workout.  But I'm like a kid with a new toy and so excited to be able to just jump on and ride whenever I want.  It's comfortable too, which is a bonus.  No more being housebound from the summer heat!!  This is my favorite time of year.
Well, Fall also means that Fall Market is in full swing, and believe me, the quilts are cranking out every few days.  I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger to say the least.  I'm having the best time though, with the new pattern designs and quilts from the new fabric lines that will be revealed in Houston.  I have a sneak peak for you of one that I finished that is going into a magazine next spring.  It is an RJR line called Cold Spring Dreams and I just love the contemporary look using florals! What do you think? 
Here's a close up of the quilting, just having fun with a contemporary design.  Can't show you the whole thing yet, but you get the idea!

Fall also means sprucing up the yard and the house, so we potted plants in the yard and painted indoors as well as adding new cupboard doors to the kitchen!  Never a dull moment around here for sure!

 It's been a fun ride through summer and now it's time to get out the quilts, holiday decorations and ease into a new season.  Peanut thinks sleeping on quilts is the only way to go!
Have a great week, pull out those unfinished projects, and finish just one!  Your dog will love you for it! 

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