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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quilt Almanac issue #98 2009

I just got a surprise package in the mail last week---it was 2 issues from Quilt Almanac magazine! The fun part is that it has my Cider Mill Road quilt that I designed and made from the Benartex line by Nancy Halverson. I didn't even know it was out!! I took a picture of the article, but I just can't get it to post in the right position. If anyone can tell me how to rotate a photo in a blog I am all ears!!!

Nice sideways shot, huh? I didn't take it that way, but well, you get the idea.
Our old car blew up and the hot water heater went out within the same week, so some good news was nice to have!! I have been a busy bee around here trying to get deadlines met and making all kinds of new projects.

I will be teaching another class on the Elm Creek Quilt series and this quilt is called The Winding Ways Quilt, after the book by Jennifer Chiaverinni. I now have all 10 stars made, (here's one) and am working on the alternate blocks. I really like the border fabric-- it looks alot like the quilts that came out a few years ago by John Flynn.

We have been getting alot of rain, and this one morning it was snowing big flakes the size of silver dollars. I tried to get a good pic, but they are hard to see!!

Getting back to the quilts, I have also been catching up on the longarm jobs. This quilt, made by one of my customers is such a great one. I love the fabrics. I just couldn't resist turning those big dots into daisies!!

Another beautiful customer quilt done all in civil war fabrics. I just had to do feathers! I'll have alot more to share with you soon, there is alot in the works right now. LOVING the cool weather while it's here, it just feels like time to quilt.

Twilight Christmas