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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Charlotte! Actually her birthday was May 13th, and she and her husband and her stepson were in Hawaii enjoying some time off and a nice vacation. Just can't let it go by without wishing her a wonderful birthday month! Besides, I had to brag a little!! She is the BEST!!!

Spring Market!

While I was in Utah a few weeks ago, I saw this quilt in the Corn Wagon Quilt Co. store and fell in love with it. It is made completely of Kaffe Fasset fabrics which I love. So I collected more pieces to add to my collection so I could make my own version, but definitely with Kaffe Fasset fabrics. The pattern is called Cinnamon and Ginger by Allison Designs, and I am going to make my border in the shot cotton instead of a print. So here are the fat quarters I've chosen so far, and we shall see how it comes together, but I really liked the dark blue/purple shot cotton for the background. I'm so happy to have a bit of a break from Spring Market quilts, that I hope to sew up all kinds of quilts that are on the shelves waiting for me, and this one is high on the list!!

I am actually even finding time to read books and plant flowers, a couple of other favorite pastimes of mine. Right now? Life is good. Time on my hands is a good thing!!

It has been over 100 degrees for days, and little Roxy, who isn't so little anymore has had enough! We got home from a morning walk and she plopped down with all legs spread on the cool tile floor to cool off! She is a real mess!

This is the finished quilt I called "Earth's Windows" by a line called Mendicino by P&B Textiles. I'm anxious to hear what response it got at the show.
I'm going to share some exciting news I received 2 days ago about the next 3 quilts I designed for Benartex. They were all picked up by magazines from Spring Market. That has never happened before, and I'm excited to hear more details. But thought you might enjoy seeing them here for a sneak peak.
This one is from a line called Memoirs of a Geisha,
Flower Show 3,
and my favorite, True Blue by Eleanor Burns for Benartex. I got so inspired by finishing up all the quilts that I decided to change my sewing room up a little. Well, maybe alot. I had this extra couch that was in the den before we turned it into my husband's poker room. It stayed in the living room all winter, which made it nice and cozy, but I was dying to get a feeling of extra space in the living room for summer. So I had this wild idea that it should go into the sewing room! I got out the good old tape measure and before you knew it, my couch was standing on end because it wouldn't get through the door otherwise. Yes, I did this all by myself, because well, when I get something in my head, I just can't wait!!! It's not a real heavy couch, and with lots of manuevering and leverage I managed to finally get it into the right spot, and there you can see that I have my own couch for stretching out and doing hand work right in the sewing room! When I told my husband what I was up to all he could do was laugh on the phone.

I think he knows by now that where there's a will there's a way!!

So here it is and I love it! Couldn't be more perfect! Roxy is still not so sure!
See you soon. Keep quilting!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm Back!

I went to the mail box yesterday, to find my newest Hancock's catalog, and while browsing through the pages last night, I found two of my Benartex patterns! I was so surprised and excited to see them there! These patterns will be shown at Spring Market too, and you can order them through Hancocks now. You just never know what will happen next!
You will find these on pages 96-98. I included a copy of the front of the catalog so you can know which one to look for.

With Spring Market almost here, I am done with all the work, but for one more quilt to finish when the last piece of fabric is due to arrive today!!! I just have to finish piecing an almost completed top, quilt and bind and ship directly to Pittsburg! This last one is a last minute quilt to be sure, but it will be one of my favorites in the show. It's for the new True Blue line by Benartex, designed by Eleanor Burns. I went on an unexpected trip to Utah for 4 days last week, and many of my friends helped me out so I could go. I'd been working many hard and long hours for weeks and the break was just wonderful. I don't know what I would do without such wonderful friends. True friends are surely hard to find, and I am so grateful. My husband John pitched in too, helping with the house and laundry, (yes, I said laundry), he is a real KEEPER!!! After so many 2 am nights, I never thought I'd catch up on my sleep again, but here we are, so close to market and I can give a huge sigh of relief that it is almost over! This was really rewarding though, as the designs keep coming, and I'm excited to say, I think I am starting to improve. It feels good.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the blocks that are being finished today into a complete quilt. I love this blue/yellow colorway in Eleanor Burns newest fabric line. Again, it is called True Blue, and I'm seeing it on magazine pages already.
Here is the newest edition of Fons and Porter, and when it came, I found that my latest design for Quilting Treasures was already being published. They are selling this kit in the magazine, and the pattern is free on the http://www.quiltingtreasures.com/ website, just go to free projects.

There is so many exciting things happening lately. This one is top secret until May 15th. This is a sneak peak of what's coming, but I can't tell you yet or I'll have to kill you!!!

The quilt on the longarm is for Benartex and will be showing at Market too. It is an oriental line called Memoirs of a Geisha. Beautiful fabrics, and a totally new design.

I'm sending a snapshot of a quilt I am really excited about. This is Mendicino line by P&B Textiles, and I call it Earth's Windows. It is NOT your Grandmother's attic window design. The only reason I can show you the quilt in progress is because it is at a distance, and you just can't get the effect without seeing it all at once. The borders are not on yet, and I'll send finished pics of these after market.

This is a quilt shop we found on our way to Salt Lake City, Utah. It is in Springville off of I-15, and is called Corn Wagon Quilt Co. This is one of my favorite shops, but we hit a bunch of them, further north. Pine Needles, and Quilts, Quilts Quilts, Etc was another favorite. Even The Scrap Apple in St George on the way home. I'll have to show you the bounty in my next postings. Utah was beautiful with blooming tulips everywhere you looked and snow capped mountains, and blooming trees in purples and pinks. The weather was wonderful and cool, and honestly, it has taken me 2 days just to reacclimate myself to the desert! It will be in the 90's today, and I'm thinking " Wait---it's only May for cryin out loud"!!!
These tulips were so beautiful and in all kinds of colors all over Provo and Salt Lake City. We went to a Women's Conference at BYU and it was fabulous. I loved every minute of it. My friend Tina invited me along and we had the best time, taking classes, eating, quilt shop hopping, eating, sleeping and shopping. Did I mention eating? The best food ever. Now I am going to have to make up for lost time to get in shape for my son's wedding!!! I have 6 weeks! Yikes!
Here is another shop we enjoyed called Elaines Quilt Shop outside of Provo.

The UPS man just arrived with my overnight package. I must now get back to work!!! Only one more!

Missed you all! Keep quilting!

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