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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A new room and Thanksgiving!!

Well, I'm not being very good at this lately, I can't believe it's been so long since I have posted!!! Somehow everything got out of whack and there has been so much going on, that I'm lucky to pay my bills on time!!!

I just found out a couple of weeks ago, that this quilt, called Sunflowers at the Farm, from a new Benartex line called Farmyard Toile, will be going into a new issue of Fons and Porter magazine sometime next year!! So keep your eyes out for the pattern!!

This quilt will be shown in the Jan/09 issue of Quilt Magazine. It is called The Apple Orchard and is done in Nancy Halverson's line called Cider Mill Road!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for!! We had a houseful! Four adults, 4 kids, and 3 dogs in my little house made for lots of cozy gatherings and fun. The kitchen seemed to run non stop and there was lots of turkey for everyone.

This is me with one of my twin Granddaughters, I think this is either Presley or Peyton. We had all gone out to dinner for her older brother, Justin's birthday. The girls are identical!!!! The other twin is in her air mattress bed below with Roxy.

One of the new dogs in the house is the kids new puppy Max. He is also a rat terrier with brown spots and really pretty green eyes! All the kids had a quilt from Grandma, so Max had to have one too!!! See his doggies on the quilt?

Here is Max with Bryson, our younger Grandson.

Since everyone left, Roxy just doesn't know what to do with herself!! She played with Max constantly, and now all the attention in the world won't make up for him!!! We walked this morning, but instead, she is in mourning, poor Roxy!!!

She loved sleeping with the kids

Here is the other reason why I've been so busy. This is the beginnings of a new longarm room for my quilting!!

It went together in just 2 weeks. I still can't believe I have my very own longarm room!!!

The finished room, with baseboard still to be installed.

My new longarm table came on Saturday, and since I have been bringing everything that is longarm related into the room. I finally have a place for the batting and treads.

There are still some hanging rods to be put up, and more quilts to be hung, but I am so excited to get started. I have alot of work to catch up on!!!!
Nine new quilts have come in for companies due in January, and more longarming to do. I hope I get the Christmas tree up soon!!!! I always have it up by this time. No bah humbugs allowed!!!! I will be back soon!!! I've missed you all!!! Happy Holidays everyone, find time to quilt!


Chookyblue...... said...

love the quilts........and thanksgiving sounded fun.........

allaboutourdogs said...

It's pretty obvious that Max enjoys the quilt. Very comfortable one.

Natalie and my rat terrier

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