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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Twilight and Christmas quilts

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I'm a grandmother and I'm crazy for Edward Cullen in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Rob Pattinson is so perfect for the part!!! He is exactly what I imagined when I read the books!!! I may be old, but I am not dead!!! LOL!!!

My husband and I went Christmas shopping in the mall today, I must be crazy, but it was alot of fun, and while standing in line a young girl was wearing her Twilight T-shirt! I asked her if she was reading the books--she said she was on the 4th one and hadn't seen the movie yet. Her Mom was on book 2!! I was way ahead of these two and they laughed when I informed them I'd already seen the movie twice!!! I'm sure they must have thought I was a very cool grandma, right? LOL!!!! Anyway, being a Twilight fan seems to defy age!!! I loved the movie and will buy the DVD as soon as it comes out. The best part is, they are already working on the sequel for book #2, New Moon. I can hardly wait!!

The Christmas season is here in full force and with Thanksgiving being so late in November, I'm feeling like there is no time at all before Christmas will be here!! I'm really wanting to enjoy the season, and thought I'd share some of my favorite Christmas quilts with you. This is a spiral tree skirt pattern that I have been selling at the local quilt shop and also have taught several classes. It looks real hard but is very easy with a 9 or 10 degree wedge ruler. Everyone loves how fast it is to put together, and it makes a great gift too.

This quilt is called "Frosty Frames" and I made it a few years ago. It is applique and the snowmen I made with white flannel. It's a fun quilt.

This is a wreath wall hanging I taught classes on in the past and is made using the "watercolor" technique on fusible grid that was so popular when the watercolor quilts came out. I glitzed it with sparkles, but they are hard to see in this photo.

Here is a bargello style Christmas tree from last year. It is glitzed too, and the pattern is called Christmas Stardust by Grissley Gulch Gallery. Hope to get the rest of my shopping done soon, and feel more caught up....er, uh, is that possible this time of year?!!!


Sherri said...

I love the Christmas tree skirt and the last quilt...they are stunning! Thanks for sharing them! My 17 year old daughter would think you were really cool...she is a big Twilight fan!

debbie said...

I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!! You have to stop by my blog to see my latest post! It is so funny! There is another one i posted in 11-25. My dh accuses me almost daily of cheating on him with Edward...lol

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