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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas parties and puppies

My husband called me yesterday from the SPCA. We have been trying to find a play friend for our Roxy, since Cindy is as old as dirt and doesn't want to play anymore! Sorry Cindy!!! I ran out there with Roxy in tow to meet a prospective new buddy and we saw several, until I spotted this little girl in a cage by herself, hiding and shaking in the corner. She was pitiful!!! I just couldn't stand it, and so she came home with us and we have been reahabilitating this sweet little abandoned girl, and we named her Peanut. She was very afraid at first, but today was her first full day, and she is adjusting even better than I expected. They found her loose on the road, tired and hungry. She was saved by the SPCA the day before the pound had her scheduled to leave this world. Poor baby!!!! Anyway, we think she is adorable, and we are doing our best to teach Roxy to have patience with her. They play some already, and I think she is going to be A-OK. How could anybody turn away from that adorable little face? Roxy is sharing her bed with her by the Christmas tree.

Well, the weather report says a chance of snow all next week! I guess it has been known to put a foot or so on the ground in Vegas, but I have only seen a couple of inches since we have lived here. My african violets still think it's summer by the window.

I had to show you the beautiful sunset we had the other night. It lit up the whole room with beautiful color. My camera flashed in the window, but you get the idea. This was the view from inside the house!!! Even little Roxy's eyes are glowing!!!

Darlene Finney, owner of Quilters Quarters in Henderson had her end of year Christmas party Tues night and it was so much fun. Beautiful quilts hung on the walls and we all got to see projects we all worked on throughout the year. Very inspiring!!! These two are versions of the museum quilt by Kaffe Fassett. The one on the right are his original fabrics and colors. They measure 120" square, and have 6" blocks, so they really took some work, but so worth it!!

This is a shot of the owners Ev and Sandy of Fabric Boutique in Las Vegas, and friend Beverly is on the right. She was one of our most prolific quilters this year!!!

Carrie Ketchum made this beautiful Storm at Sea quilt. Great job Carrie!!!

There was show and tell throughout the evening and great food as well as good company and friends to visit.

Here is Bev with her Holiday Redwork quilt that I taught at retreat this year.

Here is Darlene, with her brother, and husband Jack to the left.

It was like a mini quilt show!!! Beautiful. Thanks Darlene, for a wonderful time!!
Tomorrow I hope to ship the last presents and longarm one quilt before Sat. I still have 4 stockings to embroider names on and then the packages can all be sent off! Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I think I can see a glimpse!!! Breathe deep. We're almost there!!!


Sherri said...

Wow...you are busy! Looks like a great party for quilters!

julia said...

Hi Diane,
oh, poor Peanut - I can't imagine how much she must have suffered. She's a very lucky puppy to finally get a new, loving home and I'm sure she'll adapt fast to her new family...! {This makes me want a dog even more - but that's out of question ;(}.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts from the Christmas party. I love eye candy.

Hugs, Julia

Rhonda said...

Hi Diane,
Peanut is adorable! She's very lucky to find a new home with a new playmate too.

That sure is a very lovely view. Thanks for sharing all your Christmas quilts and quilts from the Christmas party. They are all beautiful.

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