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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow in Vegas!

This morning we woke to snow on the mountains and very chilly temps outside! This picture shows the view out my front door, and the other is from our backyard.
You can see the whole range of mountains got snow all day yesterday. It mainly snowed on the west side of town. Beautiful!!

These are a couple of my favorite Christmas cross stitch pictures. I made this one of the mouse years ago
and don't know what I did with the pattern, unless I gave it to my daughter, Charlotte to make. It was one of her favorites. She is an excellent cross stitcher and the next picture is of a Christmas scene she gave me one year for Christmas. I cherish it among one of my most precious gifts as she was going through a difficult time back then and it took so much of her time to do all that work. She had a cute little dog then named Ginger, and she use to say that Ginger snaps but she doesn't bite!!! If you look at the lower right you can see where she added Ginger to the picture and I think it is so darn cute!!!!

I finally got my longarm room put together, hung some of my quilts on the walls to make it "warmer" in there! LOL!! I have it all organized and am finishing up another job today.

Here is a pattern I did from Houston Market for P&B Textiles! They made a flyer so you might be able to get the pattern at your local quilt shop if they purchased the line, called Siena. The fabrics are just beautiful.

I also now have a pattern ready for the Laurel Cottage line from Benartex! This quilt is another one I made for Houston and it is called Cozy Cottage Days. If anyone is ever interested in a pattern, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you . This one is $9. The border fabric is mitred.

Now that the longarm room is complete, I was able to reorganize my actual sewing studio and bring in a new cutting table which I needed desperately!! I have my embroidery machine now set up at all times, so I can sew at one table and embroider at the other at the same time. What a time saver that is going to be. I actually have room for a design wall now too, so I think I'm going to get alot more done in alot less time. Tomorrow I will be finishing up a new design for P&B Textiles, then I start 6 new freshly designed quilts for Benartex to be done the middle of January. Who says you get a break for the holidays? Lol!! I will be a happy camper not having to move everything as I work!! Which reminds me, I better get busy!! Keep quilting!


happy zombie said...

I'm so glad you posted your sewing room pics... I've been dying to see it. And THAT yellow... love that yellow. We have such good taste, eh!

Congrats on your snow... I share your joy!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love your sewing room. It's all nice and tidy. You would die if you saw mine right now. lolol Love the longarm room too and all those wonderful quilts hanging.
Wish we had that snow. It's so pretty.

Dawn said...

Wow..I love your sewing room! And your long arm room too...I know...SNOW in Vegas! Can you believe it?!? We havn't had snow here in Moapa Valley but maybe by morning.

Twilight Christmas