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Monday, April 4, 2011

Project Complete --- Check!

Well, how good does it feel, to have a project complete and sitting there where you imagined it a year or two ago!  LOL!  I promised to show you the completed cedar chest when it was done and put in it's rightful place, so here it is!  Honestly, I'm still not thrilled with the old knobs, so I'm on the lookout for some blue glass transparent looking knobs and I hope to find them soon, but other than that, the chest if full of quilts and has a new padded top and fits into the room looking much better than it did before.  I'm so happy to have a project completed!

Speaking of projects, before I became a "professional quilter", and believe me, I use that term lightly, I had time to do so many other things!  One of which was actually making quilts for myself, but I"m trying to fit that in this year !  HA HA HA, no seriously I'm really trying to fit in some quilts of my own.  I know, I'm going to have to prove it when I get one done, but I will.  Just be patient with me! 
Anyway, what I was getting at was that I love to create, PERIOD--not just quilts, and one of my favorite things among many, was to mosaic using old broken china.  You have to hunt down the old pieces in thrift shops and antique stores, and point out the flaws in these gems to get a better price.  Tell all your loved ones that if they break a piece they need to save it for you.  I just love the look and all I have left to show you now is a simple wooden bed tray I did years ago. 
I think there are a couple of teapcups as well as plates in this design, and some of those glass buttons they use in floral vases. Truthfully I saw the idea at a little shop in Cambria, Calif. years ago.  Don't you often see something in a shop and say to yourself, "Well, I could do that!"   I also made some heart wall plaques back then but I don't have any left for me.  Don't find that happens alot, you give everything away, knowing yours will get made soon, and alas, i'm still waiting!  Anyway, these are so much fun to do, and not costly at all.  I already had the bedtray and banged up a few chipped pieces of china with a hammer, got out the grout and had a blast!  Just be sure to break china in the garage during the day.  Your neighbors may want to sleep at night!  lol!

I'm also working on a new project that just got accepted to Quilters Newletter Magazine and I am estactic!  I can't wait to see the issue because it is all about Christmas quilts, and well, Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I know Easter is coming, and I hope to have something to share with you soon for that, but in the meantime I'm on a deadline for this one.  I can only show some sneak peaks right now, and here is a block I've been working on for this quilt.  The tree panels are so beautiful, this is just one, and they are called Christmas Traditions by Quilting Treasures.  There is already a BOM I designed for this line that is just coming out.  So watch for it!

This block is simple paper piecing as you can see here, and you add 4 segments together to make the block.  It is a star with pretty points and there will be much more to it when it's all put together.  In fact I'll be working on it steady as it ships out this week.

So I'll be back with you soon, and until then I thought I'd share a beautiful sunset we had this week.  The weather has been warm in the day and cool at night.  Just love it and wish it could last longer, but I know the hot Vegas summer is trying hard to sneak it's way in!  So keep quilting, and remember those well intended projects just waiting for you to make them beautiful!

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