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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just for Kids!

Kids are the top of the list right now--I have a new kids quilt in the latest Quilts for Kids magazine, and I have a Grandson due at the end of the month!  I'm so excited!  We have a little boy on his way soon, and we plan to travel to see him and his Mommy and Daddy (my son) in July and meet him for the first time!  His name is Shane, and my daughter held a beautiful shower for our daughter-in-law last month at her home in Calif.  The quilt that went in the magazine is a little girl's basket quilt made from RJR Fabrics line called Annabelle's Alphabet.  It is a sweet little quilt, but not quite suited for a boy, so Grandma,--umm that would be ME-is busy putting together a lamb quilt to go with his lamb themed room.  I'm using part minkie for the little lambs on the front and his colors are blues and browns.  I have a small pic for you of the lamb in question, barely getting started.  He still needs eyes, etc, and there will be several lambs with different colored wheels and a sawtooth border between the blocks.  I'll post a finished picture when it is done.  In the meantime, here is Deanna opening presents and a pic from the baby shower.

Myself, Deanna and my daughter Charlotte

lamb block in progress!
We are so looking forward to our new grandson!
And it's just one more excuse to make another quilt!


Barra the Bard said...

Diane, Just found your site when I was doing a search on A Is for Annabelle, the book my blind granny used to teach me to read when I was 3. Loved the Annabelle quilt! Still have my book,& am doing a blog post about it. I don't quilt (carpal tunnel, so I do a little needlepoint & play Celtic harp instead. Some of my posts are about needle arts. --Barra Jacob-McDowell/Barra the Bard

Ivory Spring said...

The lamb block is darling.

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