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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fons and Porter Easy Quilts

I just received my issues of the latest Fons and Porters Easy Quilts, and I have two quilts in this issue to share with you!
The first is Nellie's Garden, made from P&B's 1930's line called Nell.  It is table topper size, with prairie points instead of binding on the outer edge. 

The other quilt is from a line called Word Play by Benartex.  This is made with large squares, and the centers are panel blocks.  This would also be a great pattern for machine or hand embroidery in the centers instead.  The panels make it look much harder than it really is.

Nellie's Garden

Wordplay fabric by Benartex

Remember that cedar chest I was working on?  Well, the new lock just arrived this week, and we still have to install it.  I'm beginning to think that spring cleaning has already started around here.  You know how one thing leads to another? I wanted to get the chest refinished, and it was in the closet.  Well, we pulled it out of the closet, and my husband decided it was time to finally put the new floor in the closet.  Now mind you, I love this closet, but it is so huge in comparison with the rest of the house.  I could have had a small guest bedroom for all the room it takes!  I don't collect tons of clothes or shoes, so seriously, do I really need a closet this big?  It's 9' x 13", and well, just take a look at it before it was all finished. We also put up new shelves so I'll have to save the final pics for when it is all done.  My husband has been working so hard getting it all finished, and it really has turned out beautiful.  So now I'm in the process of sorting things
out for the goodwill and the trash can.  Ummm, not THAT trash can, a much bigger one!  LOL!  So we stapled the new cover onto the cedar chest top, and finished the paint job.  I'm still looking for new knobs for the front, and soon it will be full of quilts! 

I like it so much better.  The blue matches the blue on my bedroom walls.  Yes, I know there is no real quilt on the bed!  It's in the making now, and you guessed it--blue and white will be the main colors!  Shams need to be made, all in my spare time of course.  It think that's sometime between 2 and 3 am each night.  LOL!  NOT FUNNY.  On occasion, I'm not even kidding!!

I just have one more thing to share--a sneak peak of a quilt just accepted for a future issue of Quilt Magazine.  But that's all I can show you for now!!
I just finished the long arm quilting and it is shipped.  One more project off my list, which is good because I feel market fiercly creeping up.  I have 3 boxes of fabric stacked and waiting their turn for market projects.  Have a great week, and Keep Quilting!!


Sandy said...

Congratulations, Diane! I love your designs. :)

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

That last quilt is just my style!! I love reds and greens.

Your closet floor looks great - and I think one of the bedrooms in my house is about the same size as your closet - LOL!!

Have a Super Sunday

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