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Monday, March 7, 2011

What Inspires You?

A splash of deep color in nature
 I think it goes without saying that our friends and family inspire us the most, and without a doubt our God in heaven makes it all possible, but beyond the obvious, I want to share some of the things that inspire me, in little ways, day in and day out.  Sometimes it's just a flash of color, a beautiful shape, people, spaces and an atmosphere around us that let's our imaginations fly.  It promotes creativity, and without it, I would be a very unhappy person.  I HAVE to create, it is part of who I am, as I know it is with all of you out there.  Sometimes it's just fun to share.  So this week I dedicate my post to some of those things and to all of you who feel it with me. 
A sunset sent from God


A beautiful vase

 Sewing with friends!

A Mentor who doesn't know she is!  (Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill)

Wonderful publications with new insight!

 Color, color everywhere.
A workspace that''s comfortable, with my favorite things and colors around me.

And ALWAYS something quirky and cute!!!  Love those sneakers!

I took a little time to start a new project that has been waiting on me for months.  I've started to repaint and recover an old cedar chest I found for $40 at an estate sale last year.  Poor thing was so ugly and abused, but I could see it's potential, beyond the obvious one of protecting many of my quilts!  So here are some before pictures, and as soon as it is finished I will post the AFTER pictures and find this beautiful old chest in it's rightful place in my home. 

On the left is the poor old fabric that just doesn't do it for me at all.  The chest was a dark brown stain with old white knobs on the front.  I may change the knobs, not sure yet, but the blue and white fabric will recover the seat bench and hopefully give it a new crisp look.  It will attach to the lid, which by the way, I just found out has a very dangerous self locking latch on it.  We took it off last night, and the Lane furniture company is sending us a new, safe lock, preventing children from being trapped accidentally inside.  I feel better already!  It will get another coat of paint tonight, and when I have it in the bedroom under the window, you will see why the new color scheme will fit in so well!
Until then, keep creating, and keep Quilting!


The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

You are an inspiration to all who visit here.


Charlotte said...

Very nice post. The trunk will be so pretty. Love you!

Sherri said...

Very inspiring and beautiful photos. I love the Where Women Create magazine, too!

jchambers02 said...

Hi, Diane,

You really inspire me...I love reading your blog. I am enamored with your Annabelle's Alphabet quilt and would love to purchase the pattern from you. A is for Annabelle is the first book I ever read by myself...the original first edition (am I dating myself???). Please send info to jchambers02@windstream.net.



Carolina said...

Love the chest! You're inspiring me to dig mine out of the garage... I've been meaning to re-paint it for several years now, and give it a new "home" under the master bedroom window...

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