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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rearranged the sewing room

I don't know about you, but my sewing room shares space with a guest bedroom and sometimes it's hard to work around the bed space.  For a while I had it right in the middle of the room, up against the window.
Before the bed!

Desk and sewing table on the right

Ok, a real guest bed, finally!
I love my counter top over the cabinets along the far wall, but on the right side of the bed I had my desk and sewing cabinet against the opposite wall.  It seemed ok for a while, until running around the bed every time I wanted to use the iron (see it in far corner!) or trimming a block at the cutting board meant I spent more time walking around the bed than I did sewing!  I mean, it looked nice and all, but not very functional.  Then I had this brilliant idea.  My husband just rolls his eyes when I get these brilliant ideas because he knows that means he will be involved!  LOL
So I moved the desk, the bed, the sewing cabinet, rearranged my pegboard and found some real floor space!  Cool!  I made a nice triangle for working--machine to cutting board to the iron.  Way way better!!
Rose Hill Lane quilt I designed for RJR Fabrics!

So now I have this nice L-shaped work space!  My sewing cabinet is in front of the closet, but it has wheels to easily move it when I need to find something stored.  The most used items are in the cabinets and drawers so that won't be a problem.  Of course the dogs love it because they can see out the window, or just lay beside me on the bed when I'm designing on the computer.  I love that I can see and actually USE my design wall again.  At first the new bed placement looked way out of balance, so I figured I'd just hang a quilt or two to ground it, like a headboard.  I ended up hanging the runner on the window wall--it was just the right amount of space, and it matched.  John hung the TV above the desk after this picture was taken, and it turns or tilts so it still works ok.
     Those small colorful blocks on the design wall are my first blocks for the Tula Pink 101 Modern Blocks from her book.  They are so much fun to do, really fast and easy, and picking out the fabrics is the best part! I'm using some of her fabrics, a lot of solids and anything funky in my stash that I can find.  I highly recommend her her book, it's something new and different!
I can't wait to do more!!  Let me know if you are or have been working on these!  Trust me, you won't regret them.  Have a great week and don't forget to quilt something!

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