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Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Sunday! Plus sewing machine for sale!!

One day I don't quilt is Superbowl Sunday!  I need to give my full attention to the game, and no matter what team you were rooting for, it was an awesome game this year!!!  Of course I have to gloat a little, because the Packers WON and it was so fun to watch!!!  What a great game!  And I was thinking, you know those cute little paper dolls fabrics you see out there in the quilt shops?  Well, what about a new line, using these great little uniforms?  LOL!!  Looks just like paper dolls to me!   Perfect, just perfect!!!
Ok, I know I haven't brought it up yet, but I didn't post last Wednesday as per my New Years resolution, but it wasn't because I forgot--I was working very hard on deadlines, and the work had to come first!!  You must always be flexible with resolutions, or they just won't work!  So I may be posting more than once this week, which might just about break my record!!!

Here is a sneak peak of a few things that I've been up to in the last couple of weeks.  This is a line from Benartex call Berkley Square.  It shipped last week and so did........

this one after the long arm quilting was done!  This was a fun quilt, I know I showed you the top last time, but here is a little bit of it quilted!

 One more project was made with an RJR line and sent off to a magazine last week!  It is an adorable baby or crib quilt I call Annabelle's Basket, using the A is for Annabelle line.

I designed this quilt using the alphabet panels in the same line and the pattern is officially for sale through me!  If you want to purchase a pattern, send me a comment
Annabelle's Alphabet pattern
 to let me know.
Ok, here is the bigger item for sell!  Before I put it on Ebay, I thought I'd post it here!  This is a brand new Bernette 46.  I test sewed one seam on it, and it has never been used since!  What was I thinking when I bought this machine, you say?  Well, it was so darn cute, and at a good price, and very lightweight so I thought HEY, I think I want this! But I already have two other machines, and between the two, I never get around to setting up a third station because I just don't have the room!  I was really impressed with this little machine though-- it sews great, is easy to use, and would be a wonderful machine for travel, a new sewer, or just sewing in general.  It comes with a 1/4" foot as well as the other accessory feet and I have the original box.  I will sell if for what I paid for it.  It retails at $298, but you can buy it for $149 plus shipping (about $35 UPS). Let me know by sending me a comment and we can work out the details.  If it doesn't go, it will be on Ebay in the near future!!

I will be hiding out in the long arm room this week, getting jobs out to customers and trying out some new ideas!  So I'll be back with you soon, and until then, Keep Quilting!!


The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

That's a sweet little sewing machine you've got for sale there, but I think I'll have to pass on it. I keep hoping my old Singer will hold on for another year.

Love the baby quilt!!


Molly said...

Hi Diane I love the Connecting Stars quilt on the cover of the latest Love of Quilting magazine-I want to try it in blues and yellows. I will be in Vegas in March for my oldest daughters wedding!! I do want to hit a quilt store or two and wondered which one you would recommend. Thanks, Diane. Kim Winters mik050605@hotmail.com

Jodi Brask said...

I would love to get the pattern for A is for Annabelle quilt. I have 2 of the alphabet panels. Also expecting twin grandaughe trs in april 2016 Thanks

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