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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maggie's Medallion quilt in Mc Call's Quick Quilts Magazine!

The newest McCall's Quick Quilts magazine just came out with my Maggie's Medallion quilt in it to share with everyone.  This is a flannel quilt, made from an RJR Fabrics line called Sutton Hill. 

Like the magazine says, this is a pretty easy quilt to make.  It's all large half square triangles, with the added trim of a pink strip across the diagonal seams on part of the blocks to emphasize the on point  look. It's a pretty good size, measuring 85 1/2" x 85 1/2".
I'm working on some new lines for Benartex right now called House and Home, Floralicious, Rural Jardin, and Berkley Square.  I'll have more to share soon with those lines as the tops get finished and ready for the longarm.
Well I can't go further without mentioning the beautiful weather we have been having here in Vegas!  We hit a record high this week of 74 degrees!  Which has been kind of a shock after the snow we had just a few short weeks ago!

I couldn't resist the temptation to get outside and prune more plants, clean up the back yard and take the dogs for some really nice walks.   The weatherman says we are soon to drop about 20 degrees so I guess we have to enjoy it while we can!! lol! And speaking of cold weather, I know we don't come close to comparing with the rest of the country's cold weather this year, but it really puts me in the mood for baking goodies, cooking soup and getting out my favorite books, like Pillars of the Earth and the book I just finished, World Without End, by Ken Follett.  He is such a great storyteller and has a way of bringing his characters full circle.   Not to mention the research he has done to support his story lines during medival times in the 1200-1300's.  So facinating and educational to boot!
I highly recommend these great novels.  They weren't to the point of making quilts in those days, but they did make a beautiful scarlet colored cloth, so I'm sure that quilts were to be in the distant future!  lol!

I'll have much more to share by next week as my projects progress, and I'll be back with you then, so until next week, keep quilting!!!

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Sandy said...

Diane, Pillars of the Earth is one of my favorite books, too -- you're right about Follett's ability to tell a great story.

Congratulations on the published quilt!

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