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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fons and Porters Easy Quilts Spring 2011

I got a real surprise in the mail the other day. It was two copies of the new Fons and Porter's Easy Quilts magazine for Spring 2011.  My quilt was on the cover!!  I knew it would be in an issue at some point and time, but I wasn't expecting the cover!  This is exciting I thought!  Then I started to thumb through the pages and found two more quilts I had made last fall.  Now this is really exciting!!
The cover quilt is called Rainbow Hippy, and is made from the Flower Power Line, by RJR Fabrics.  Here is a computer image of the design.  It is a flip and sew method that is much easier than it looks. After sewing the strips into certain combinations, you sew them in a certain order on a foundation paper--(NO not foundation piecing)
and flip and press the strips as you go.  Then trim the whole block and it's done!  Sew blocks together and you're done.  This is also a great pattern for all those leftover scraps.  The strips are all 1 3/4" wide. But be creative too--you can make strips any size you want and do a clever version of this quilt.
The next one is Prairie Flowers , a line by Benartex.  I didn't realize this would make the Easy Quilts magazine, as I didn't think it was so easy!  But really when I think about it, the pattern is easy--it just has a lot of pieces so it takes time.  The title didn't say Quick and Easy!  LOL!!

Then I found a great EASY quilt that I had made last year (it sounds so long ago!). It is called Brooklyn Blues or Brooklyn Heights if you go by the fabric line name by Benartex.   It looks like Fons and Porter is now giving bonus patterns online, and this is one they will have on their website soon.  You just click on the Bonus Quilt Patterns button and it should be there for you to download free!!  Keep checking, as the magazine is not yet on the stands, nor posted on the website just yet!!

So I can hardly believe that I have been so good as to come back and post in exactly one week!  I intend to keep this up, (it is my resolution you know) and I'm really appreciative of all of you that have not given up on me in the past few months.  I'm working on my time management skills and posting more tasks on my lists to make sure I get everything done without a stress headache!!
I wanted to also share some great sunsets we have had in the last couple of weeks.  Winter is out best time ever for sunsets, and luckily for us, our large back windows stare right out at the western sky.
This was the first pic I took that evening, right off the back patio, and then as the sun went further down, I got the beautiful reds I love so much.

Well, as promised, I will be back next week!  Have a great week and Keep Quilting!!

P. S. Let me know if you like my new Logo! 

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