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Monday, January 18, 2010

How's the weather?

We have been getting the most georgeous sunsets you can imagine, and today the much needed rain has come in. We have a prediction for rain all week, which is not too common for this area. So I want to start out with a picture of another beautiful sunset view from my backyard!

This year, one of my goals is to finish up all those UFO's and projects sitting in bins or boxes that need to be used and enjoyed. This is a quilt from the Loa retreat 2009 that I just finished last week. Once the tops are done, they are going into the rotation for the longarm room so they can truly become quilts!! This is a one block wonder quilt with a few cubes thrown in for good measure. Every block was made from the border fabric. It's a fun project, but one I will probably not repeat!! LOL!!
Here is a panel from yesteryear, seems like ages, and it it ready for the longarm too. It's from the Celebrate Spring collection by Moda

Finally, I got my first Fig Tree quilt done, this one with cute houses in lots of colors. I just love simple and clean patterns like this one. I want to hang it on my sewing room wall once I get it quilted.
Design work is already starting to come in from Spring Market, so I'm trying to enjoy some of my own labors before the sewing room gets to that "sweat shop" stage!! There are some promising new lines out though, and I will keep you posted!

This one got it's borders last week and I bought the binding as well. I love this quilt. Every fabric is some form of cherries. It will be large enough for a twin bed and it's such a happy quilt!

Ok, one more confession to make. I have rediscovered cross stitch and have jumped in with both feet! I can't get them done fast enough before I find another pattern I'm dying to make. This guy is a Santa that will have charms on his coat by Just Nan, called Peddler Santa. Gee, I wonder why it struck a chord with me!! I also discovered a designer by the name of Michael Powell from England who does BEAUTIFUL designs of cottages and houses in Europe with a whimsical tone. He's NEXT!!

So I can't end this post without another lovely sunset out my back window. Thoughts and prayers too for the people of Haiti. They need all the help they can get.
Enjoy the weather and keep quilting!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

What beautiful skies - My mom always said, "red sails at night, sailors delight, red sails in morning, sailors take warning". And you know it's fairly accurate.

I love your beautiful quilts - especially the cheery, cherry one.

And your cross-stitch is looking great. I decided that I will never cross-stitch again, so got rid of all of my books about 2 years ago. Hope I don't rediscover it!!

Have a wonderful evening.

Sherri said...

Gorgeous sunset! Aren't you loving the rain?! I guess it's supposed to be quite a lot this evening and tomorrow! I love your Fig Tree Houses...that is a quilt very high on my to do list...yours is gorgeous!

Twilight Christmas