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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is Spring here?

Well, my plum tree in the front yard sure seems to think it is Spring!! I love the beautiful blossoms and they fall off all too quickly, but I sure enjoy spring. The skies have been clear and blue, and the temps vary from 58 to 76 degrees these last few weeks. I love Spring, it all feels like a new fresh start and it isn't hot in the desert yet. The dogs like it too, it is getting warmer for walks and now Peanut is enjoying the walks with Roxy and I. The SPCA called us about 2 weeks ago to ask how she was doing, and here is a great pic of her, just before a nap. She has put her weight back on, and she plays with Roxy and is a well adjusted happy girl again. She has the sweetest personality and we are glad she is a member of the family now.

More fabric shipments are on their way, and soon I will be fabricating more quilts for Spring Market. As soon as I am able, I will share my new ideas with you.

I have just finished this block for a quilt I am making called "Forever Flowers" by the Quilt Company. I have another pattern set from them with bird houses all over and sunflowers in the borders. I love these patterns and I really enjoy picking out my own fabrics instead of buying kits! I think after this is quilted and finished that I want to embellish it with beading too. What do you think? There are still 5 more blocks to complete, and the border is very involved with pieced tulips, etc, and I can hardly wait to get this together. The only thing holding me up is the time it will take to applique all the blocks. One down, 4 more to go! With the borders on it, the block measures 20 inches!!
I have sent more finished quilts off to Benartex for Spring Market, and this is a sneak peak of a quilt for the Flora and Fauna line.

This one is an upclose of a quilt I designed and shipped for P&B Textiles. This one is easy for beginners and uses almost every fabric in the line. It's bright and Spring looking!
Along with all the good, sometimes there are a few tough spells and recently I had an episode that landed me in the hospital. I am fine now, and working as always, so I am thankful for that. The same week we learned that my kids Grandmother passed away and it has been difficult and we miss her.
My daugther was born in the Spring, the month of May actually, and she was born at 8:45 in the evening. I remember waking early and looking out the window the next morning to a beautiful Spring day, as a very happy new Mother. Sometimes her birthday lands on Mother's Day, and it couldn't be more fitting. The good things in life definitely outweigh the bad. I'm really thankful for my children and my family and friends. Enjoy Spring, and keep quilting!

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I just love the forever flowers block!

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