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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Patterns!!

I have been working with Benartex (http://www.benartex.com/) for almost 2 years now. I just discovered where they are hiding alot of my patterns on their website!!! I always thought they would be under projects, but instead you need to click on a fabric line and they have projects under each line. I wanted to share with you this free pattern for the Samara line, called Victorian Paisley. Here is the link:
http://http//db.benartex.com/storelocator/FMPro?-DB=invimage.fp3&-lay=internet&-max=15&delay=no&-op=eq&-Format=quiltcol.htm&-sortfield=primarysort&-sortorder=ascend&-sortfield=recordid&directory=49Z&quiltgal=quiltgal&-sortorder=ascend&-find and here is the quilt! This was easy to make and I love the combination of the light blue with black in the fabrics. When you click on the link, you can download a PDF file with a much better image of the quilt. I will post a new quilt for you in my next posts, so you can see some of the new designs I have done and new fabric lines that should be in your stores by now. This one is the City Blooms line and is another free pattern when you click on that line of fabric on the website. This one is great for beginners.
I have a close up of some of the quilting too.
I received a box from UPS yesterday, and thinking it was another fabric line that is ready to be made, I didn't open it before I went to my Dr. visit. When I got home I finally opened the box to a huge surprise. My Victory Garden quilt was in the box, and I was so excited, because this is the first quilt of mine ever to go into Fons and Porter magazine. I just love this quilt.
I think I showed it to you before, that was a long time ago, so for anyone that hasn't seen it yet, here it is in red,white and blue.
It was in the Fons and Porter Dec 2008 issue.
I love table runners, and I have given more of them away than I actually own. I don't have one for Easter now, so I want to do at least one tablerunner a month, just to do something for me. I learned the hard way, that working hard is fine, but you have to balance out your time with some time for yourself once in awhile. I thought this would be a perfect way to keep on track because I tend to just keep working, and the break never comes, because after all the work is done, more work finds you!!!

The flowers are starting to bloom outside and after a little chill, we are going to have 80 degree temperatures by next Tuesday!! I hope to be planting the annuals this weekend. The yellow jasmine is already in bloom and my african violets too!!

I got the picture a little blurry!!!
My favorite thing to do, next to being with my family and quilting, is gardening. In Vegas, I have found it to be a real challenge. And with Roxy dog, who loves to bite sprinkler heads off, and eat the flowers it is even more of a challenge. I will really have to work with her this spring to teach her to stay off!!!

She is the sweetest girl you'd ever meet, but still very much a puppy. She wants to please but gets bored very easy, and Peanut just doesn't want to play much lately because sher hurt her leg. She is getting better and Roxy and I go on walks without her until she feels better. Long walks also keep Roxy from getting so bored that she chews on things, and I give her lots of rawhide chews too which she loves.
Hope your weather is warming up. I'll be back soon, until then keep quilting!


Rhonda said...

Thanks for the links... now I know where to find your patterns.

Love your applique block from the last post.

Anonymous said...

I just read on Anne's blog that you had a mini stroke!!!! Take care of your sweet self. You DO work too hard and those companies will just take, take, take. You are the one that must set the boundries. Good for you for pacing yourself and living in the moment. Your quilts are so beautiful and life would be a little less lovely without them.
xo Suzanne

Julie said...

Oh, Roxy and Peanut are just the cutest! I love your quilts, and now I am off to see your patterns.

Nicole said...

Your quilts and patterns are so lovely. Making a table runner a month for yourself is a wonderful idea! I made a couple this weekend, and like you, I gave mine away!

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