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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's called the FLU!!!!!

Hi everyone, this darling little block can be found on Anne Sutton's blog, http://www.bunnyhill.blogspot.com/ and it is free! It is cute or what? Anne, you've outdone yourself again! Anyone interested can find it on her site!! Ok, now I know I have some explaining to do. Where have I been, you might ask, besides lounging around the house, on couches and chairs, reading books and watching TV, maybe even sleeping for hours on end. How lazy can a person be, you might say. There are only 8 quilts to be quilted and bound and shipped away. Well, I'll tell you where I've been, having a VERY long date with the Flu!!!! Now I'm not suppose to take flu shots with my compromised immune system, but this session with the flu has made me wonder. NO fun, no fun at all. I finally got in to the Dr yesterday and after 2 shots, 3 meds, a breathing treatment and strick orders to STAY AWAY from everyone, my little doggies have been my only partners, during the day that is. My husband has been so much help, but he does have to work too!! So the dogs and I have had great conversations together, if you can call it that, and I am finally getting somewhat functional!!! I didn't even want to blog, you know, I was sure no one wanted to hear about all the lovely symtoms, but as my Daughter Charlotte told me, I was seriously lacking on my posting!!!! Hopefully I will soon be forgiven and we can focus on more pleasant things!!! So I'll share some great pics for you to enjoy while I recoup.
Roxy and Peanut have become the best of friends. Here they are enjoying the sun on a lazy afternoon.

A sunset view from the couch.

The last quilt I completed for P&B Textiles and is already in their hands. It was a study in value.

I was having trouble adjusting to my new longarm frame, but it is finally getting better.

If anyone has heard of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims I highly recommend joining the membership. They always have a free BOM by Sue Garman, and just look at the pattern for 2009! I was so excited, because I had planned to buy the pattern anyway, and now I can just print the patterns on my computer!!! Check out the site, it is awesome. www.thequiltshow.com

My newest favorite book by Kaffe Fassett. I may not be able to go shopping, but there is the computer, you know.

Another night in misery on the couch was made doable by this georgeous sunset.

And lastly, my little buddies, Roxy and Peanut, showing me just how to relax when you don't feel good. Cindy is doing well too, but she likes her dog bed better.
I'll have some new things to show you very soon! So hang in there with me, but whatever you do, don't catch the flu!!!!.....and
Keep quilting!


PamKittyMorning said...

Sorry you're feeling sick, what a pain. Roxy and Peanut look like cute good company. Love your study in value, wonderful machine quilting as well. Also that Sue Garman quilt is amazing in person, saw it at Alex's last week!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful is the study in value quilt, oh my goodness, I just love it.

Twilight Christmas