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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Christy!!

This is our daughter Christy and her husband Dirk. One of the boys, Bryson above them!!!! Her birthday is Monday. Happy Birthday Christy!!! We miss you so much!!!

I just got the new catalog from Hancock's of Paducah and as I was thumbing through the pages when I saw one of my quilt designs! That was a surprise! It is the Ellie Fun quilt, fabric by Quilting Treasures. It's on page 114 if you want to peek!

The Ellie Fun quilt at Houston Market last year.

Well, I am finally over the flu and way behind on my work, but I'll give you a few sneak peaks of some of the quilts that will be showing at Spring Market this year. This one is from the Cosmo Chic line by Benartex.

Here is a close up of City Girl Holiday by Benartex. I love this line, the colors are so beautiful. I can think of all kinds of things I'd like to make for Christmas next year!

Here you can see a few blocks. Wish I could show you the whole quilt, but until I can I'll keep a few close ups so you can see what's new!!

Another quilt I am working on is from a line called Samsara. This is a beautiful line by Benartex. This block in the center is the fabric that inspired the whole quilt!!!
It is one of my favorites, because I love the black with the light blue, and the old world feel to the fabrics.
It has been a really nice week, feeling better and getting out of the house once in awhile. We went out to see Barry Manilow's show last week and it was a really good show. His voice is just as great as always.
Before I go, I want to show you this pattern by The Quilt Company. I think it is called Heart and Home. I just love it, and will be doing this as a block of the month this year. Some quilts are just too hard to resist!!!
I hope everyone is feeling great, and the flu season is OVER!!! Although my daughter, Char, said she has it this week. Feel better really soon Char!!!!
Until next time, keep quilting!

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Anonymous said...

It's always goood to hear from you, thanks for popping over to say hi! Boy, are you busy! Great quilts!

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