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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New projects, class and longarming jobs done!

I have so much to share this time. I was teaching a quilt class last week, we made the New Years Quilt, a kit from Jennifer Chiaverini's book with the same name. I always learn from my students, and sometimes they have something wonderful to share with me and the class. My friend Debbie Peterson is a great heirloom sewer and look what she made for a new grandchild on it's way soon to the world. She has pintucked, entrudeaux stitching and embroidery, not to mention the beautiful batiste fabric and delicate sewing. She's a huge fan of Martha Pullen and is really doing beautiful work, don't you think? Here's a close up of the christening gown.
These are the last two of the Elm Creek series of books and I've ready every single one she's written. We started an Elm Creek Series of quilts at Nancys Quilt Shop and it is alot of fun.

You can see part of the quilt and some of the fabrics in that line. I still have to quilt mine, but I will have time for my own quilting later this year. Right now I am really under the gun with work for customers and companies!

Here's a close up of the block.
I wanted to show you some of the longarm work I have been doing lately. I just finished up this one for Mary Bittle, she did such a great job on all the applique, and I learned how to do McTavishing when I took Karens class last May in Salt Lake. I love this quilt---she's lucky she got it back! LOL!!

My husband held it up for me so you could get the idea of it's size. It measures 84"x84" and he's back there somewhere!! It is from the"Quilting in the Garden" book by Barb Adams, Alma Allen and Ricki Creamer. It's an awesome book.
Now this one I did for Quiltique, a beautiful quilt shop in Henderson, recently and it was a really unusual design and fabric, but lots of fun to work on.

Here'a close up of the center.

Thanks to all of you who offered advice about the coyote problem. We have since closed the doggie door at night and I go out with Roxy if she needs it. Last night we were out around 3 am, and within 10 mins I heard the coyotes yipping again, not too far away. Play time was over for her, I scooped her up and we went back inside!!
You never know who is going to greet you on your blog! When I wrote back to someone that looked really familiar in his pic and had left an unusual post, I asked if I knew him, that he looked VERY familiar. He wrote me back to say that yes, I knew him, he took me to the 1967 Prom!!! I was so shocked, I haven't seen or heard from him in over 40 yrs! So fun to touch bases with old friends and get that connection back again!! You just never know!!!!
Ok, I have been reading the Twilight series, like I mentioned in my last post, and now I have finished the second book too. This is really tough, I can hardly put them down and I have work to do for Pete's sake!!! I am hooked for sure, will be finding the next in the series as soon as I can. These stories are awesome and you can bet that I will be at the movies to see the first one in November!! I have so many more things to share but it will have to wait for now. Talk to u soon......keep quilting.


Susan said...

Wow! Such beautiful work! A job well done! I truly love your quilts. You are so talented. I just marvel over your work. How is Cindy and the new puppy getting along?

Quilty hugs,

Mar said...

Debbie's work is lovely, what a special talent. I have no patience for that type of sewing. You did a wonderful job on both quilts. Love Mary's, it's on my list "to do". Those Twilight books are that good? They seem to be very popluar!

Cheryl said...

The quilts are fantastic, I especially love the Quiltique one. It looks so interesting and different to traditional patchwork blocks. A real work of art...
thanks for sharing!

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