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Friday, September 26, 2008

I've been out!

Sorry, everyone, I have been away from my blog for much too long. I have just returned from a quilt retreat and have been gone for about a week, plus my due dates on my Market quilts have been quickly approaching. I have lots of pics to share with you, however, I also left my camera in my friend, Kellys, truck from the retreat so will have to wait to post the newest pics for you of what I've been up to! In the spirit of sharing anyway, I decided to post some pictures from past retreats so you can see where I've been and some of the beautiful country I've been enjoying in Utah. This is the barn we stay in at Loa, Utah, where Marsha Chappel has been holding a retreat for what is now the 5th year. These are some shots of the barn and the view from the barn too, across the fields. It is so peaceful and quiet out there, that is, until you get in a room with 20+ women!! We had a great time though, and I want to save more info until I have my camera back so I can share what we were up to!!!
The red and white quilt above is one I made for Benartex last Spring Market, and I am so excited to tell you that it will be in the next issue (Nov/Dec) of Fons and Porter magazine!!! So keep your eyes out for that issue. I have no idea how they will show the quilt, but they had it in their possesion for some time, so I am really anxious to see. The line is Victory Garden by Eleanor Burns.
The next quilt, I call Victorian Christmas Star. I designed it also, and it is another line called Splendid Holiday by Benartex. I am so thrilled to also tell you that it will be in the Fall issue of Fabric Trends as a "photo finish"!!!! I can hardly wait to see that one too!!! I am actually making one of these for myself as well, and plan to teach a retreat from this quilt.
My little Roxy is frequently a holy terror, and my husband is now calling her Roxilla, as in Godzilla, when she gets so hyper and onery! LOL!! But we love her to death and she makes us laugh all the time. I just got a tip from my friend, Darlene, to give her some soup bones, raw, to keep her mind on those instead of pulling up my marigolds by the roots!!! Darlene has a company called Quilters Quarters, which is a studio in her home, and I am teaching class there today. We will be working on the Redwork Snowman quilt I showed you in past posts.
Please be patient with me for a while longer, I will definitely try to get more posts on here soon, and when Market is past I will have tons of more free time! I am presently still working on 4 more tops to piece, and longarming 6 quilts between now and the middle of Oct. I getting tired just thinking about it!!!
Talk to you soon!


Mar said...

Love that victory garden quilt! looks like a lovely place to have a retreat, but where do you shop? *vbg*

Susan said...

Wow! The quilts are beautiful. Congratulations in getting the white one posted in Fons & Porter! That's a great accomplishment. Lil' Roxy must take quite a bit of time away from your quilting. You'll have to post a current pic of her. I hope Cindy is doing well.

Quilty hugs!

Bert said...

Diane, I just wanted to tell you I saw your Mariner's Holiday in the fall issue of Fabric Trends. I was wondering if you had a pattern for it. I would love to make my own Mariner's Holiday just like yours if possible to get the pattern.Thank you ver much. Bert
PS. I really like your Peddlecar site.

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