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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A new day

Today is a new day! Thankyou to Anne Sutton for all her help with my new blogging experience. Anne, you have been so kind in taking time out of your day to help me and I sooooo appreciate it! Thankyou also to Janet and Chook who wrote me well wishes on my new blogging adventure. I will add you both to my list!

I had an upside down day yesterday! It was my birthday which was great, we had friends from Santa Barbara over and they took me out to dinner for my birthday which was really fun. While they were here, my longarm lost an adjustment, and I spent 2 hours trying to reset it to no avail so I was very frustrated to say the least!! My sweet husband stayed home from work this morning while we called the factory and we got up and running again. I am so happy! Nothing is worse than having the machine down, when you have 11 quilts to do and bills to pay! So I am very relieved.

I thought I'd ad some pics of my sewing room for you to see (hopefully I can figure that out)! Our only spare bedroom became my quilting studio and I painted it a light yellow and did my best to get the most out of 13'3"!!! I have an eastern window that gives me morning light and it always feels so cheerful in there. I spend most of my time in my sewing room! I have my embroidery machine set up next to a piecing machine so I can do 2 things at once, when I am not on the longarm. We found resin pegboards at Lowes for my tools and patterns which is so nice hanging above my cutting/pressing area. Some of my quilts are on the walls and storage is at a premium, but I like it to be cheerful and full of my favorite things! Hope you like it!

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