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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th weekend!

What a beautiful weekend! Living near Las Vegas can really be fun! We had friends over last night for fun times and good food. We went to the Del Webb rec center that sits on top of our hill, overlooking the city. We watched fireworks going off all over the city---what a beautiful site! It was warm and comfortable, feet dangling in the pool and city lights with fireworks in any direction you wanted to look. A moment to remember for sure. Today we head to a potluck get together at our friend, Dody's, house. These are some of my favorite times.
In keeping with the holiday, thought I'd share a free pattern with you for a quilt I designed for P&B Textiles using the new Austin Manor line by Harriet Hargrave! http://www.pbtex.com/html/austenmanordresdenplates.html will take you to the pattern!
Very exciting to hear that we have a new blogger in our midst! Minick and Simpson is joining the blogging world with us! Congrats to them! I LOVE their lines of fabric!
Everybody have a great weekend! Summer has certainly arrived! It was 110 here yesterday, but the evenings after the sun goes down are just magic.


Mar said...

Nice pattern. Thanks for sharing and welcome to blogland!

chook said...

thank you for the pattern very nice
and thank you for the nice comment on my blog
I am glad you had a happy 4th
Hugs Beth

Rhonda said...

Lovely pattern! Thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed reading blog and will be back. :-)

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