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Thursday, January 26, 2012

False Spring in January!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season!  We had a wonderful time, seeing family, being involved with holiday festivities and enjoying ourselves in general.   Of course the quilting didn't stop for long, and I can't believe I'm already designing for the spring lines, but life never stops and I can't believe how fast the time is flying by!  It has been beautiful weather here this week, in the 70's and it really feels like spring, but the plants still know it's winter.  Our warm days will be gone soon, but it's been a pleasant surprise!  Actually it makes me miss my home, the California coast, sitting by the beach.  A far cry from the high desert!  I found a picture that really inspires me!  I love the tranquil feel, the warm sand at your feet and balmy breeze on your face, the twinkle of the sun's reflection on the water, always moving, always changing. 
OK, so wake up, it's back to reality and I have some fun quilts to share!  This quilt will be in Quilt Trends magazine this year, it's a line called Odessa by RJR Fabrics!  I love the colors and the large floral.
I've been busy making cupcakes and ice cream! 
I just finished quilting this quilt for RJR, a beautiful new line by Robyn Pandolph called Lansdown Road.  Here is the finished quilt with a scalloped border.  It will be out as a kit soon.
I've found a new color range that I normally am never drawn to, but I saw a wonderful Smilebox slide show on The Quilt Show recently showing some gorgeous quilts in the browns.  I really am inspired to try something like this, as it's totally out of the box for me!  I even have to go BUY some fabric in the browns and neutral tones.  Darn! 
This is a picture of one of those quilts made by Emily Meier, in the Mystery Wheel design, also know as a Winding Ways block.  I just have to try it this year!  I think it is so beautiful in it's own subtle way.

She matched those points so perfectly!
I am also working on a personal wool project that I've just begun.  I saw this image of wool stacked up along the wall, and it's almost as pretty as some of our sunsets!  I love wool, it's so rich and soft, gives a whole new dimension to a project.  I love it when fabrics and color inspire a new idea.   Just a great reminder to enjoy each day as it comes, and put everything into it that you've got!  No fear, no regrets.  Keep Quilting!

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