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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mountain Snow

For the last several days, we've been talking wonderful walks and loving the outdoors. The temps have been near 70, when today we woke up to this view from our backyard! It was cold and it had snowed even on some of the foothills around us! Can you believe the winter we are having this year? We have already surpassed the average rainfall for the entire year, and it is only February! Beautiful though, and we are thankful for any precip we can get!
So I finished my Santa, and thought you would like to see him, charms and all. The cross stitch has now gone back into the basket because Spring Market work has arrived with a vengence!
I have designed a total of 14 quilts, with only 2 more to get approved, and am excited that I am now also working with RJR fabrics in California!
Two boxes of fabrics have arrived already and one top is almost completed. My days are going to be getting shorter and shorter as more fabric arrives. I'm very excited about Spring Market--I will have so much to share with you!
My Valentines flowers are still holding up well. Daisies are my favorite, and I'm inspired to build a quilt with daisies in the near future!

I've also gotten a project off my list for the sewing room and recovered my press board with a great new line called "Sew Now" by Alexander Henry. What is great is that it also comes in decorator weight, which I put on the press board. I have the regular cotton to make curtains as well, but for now the curtains will have to wait.

This is made from a piece of birch plywood, then covered with batting, then the fabric and stapled to the back. I've been using this board for years and I love it because it gives you such a nice big surface area. It measures 2' x 4'.
This is the latest longarm job I am working on for my friend Debbie. This is quilt called "So Many Blocks" and she did a beautiful job on it!

Well I can't finish this post today without addressing the friends in my life who are or have family members suffering with cancer. My heart goes out to you, and you know who you are. We tend to think we have problems in our lives until we learn of those we love whose husbands, children, wives and friends are battling with this disease. It is a strong reminder to hang on tight to those we love, make the most out of every moment. I'll keep you in my prayers and know that I love you very much. Until next time......


Kathie said...

what a beautiful view!
Love the ironing board cover, I may have to do something like that on my big board, it needs a new cover!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Hi Diane,

What a beautiful view.

Love the Santa - of course I have a soft spot in my heart for the jolly old guy!!


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