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Friday, September 4, 2009

Surprise Cover of Fons and Porter!

Well I had some really exciting news last week! I had no idea, but my Country Sunflowers quilt, made from the Farmyard Toile line by Benartex, made the Fons and Porter Cover!!!! It's my first magazine cover, and I was thrilled. It's not a hard quilt to do at all, and the appliqued sunflowers are very easy. So I hope that some of you get to see it!
It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks, with market fabrics coming in and I am now also a new college student! So my time is really getting filled up with work and learning, and sewing and quilting! I'm so excited to be taking a class in digital imaging, which will really help me in my business of pattern making. I have huge goals but it is always many baby steps to get there. I just keep plugging along, and I know with time and much effort, I will get there!

I just had to share with you a beautiful quilt that one of my customers, Kimberly made, and I got it finished for her on the longarm recently. This is one of my favorite patterns called Cottage Garden by Alma Allen from the Quilting in the Garden book that came out a couple of years ago. I love the colorway that Kimberly chose.

I believe she took this quilt class at Darlene Finney's company workshop, Quilters Quarters, in Henderson. One of the teachers, Eileen Hersley is fabulous when it comes to applique.

More exciting news! I have worked for several years, first as an employee, and then later as a teacher on occasion for a store in Henderson called Quiltique. It is a beautiful shop here in town and they made it to the Fall 2009 issue of Quilt Sampler magazine. Congrats to them!!! Since I am now in the business of designing, they asked me if I would work up a design for their quilt featured in the magazine.
Soooo, I said yes, and the results are this new "Out of the Box Argile" quilt made with very contemporary fabrics and colors which is so characteristic of the store!
We all got to pose for a store photo. The owners of Quiltique, the Tibesars, Jennifer, her Mother and Father, Jan and Bob, and sister Kara are in the foreground, from center to the right. I am on the front left, and the rest of the employees and teachers are all there, except for Kay McCain, manager of Bernina who was out of town. Sadly, Karen in the pink passed away unexpectedly last month after the photo was taken. She will be sorely missed.
Here is a picture of the quilt. Check it out when you get the chance!! It would be really nice in traditional fabrics too.
Last weekend I did manage to get away with a few friends for some relaxation (I know, at Market time, am I crazy?) at my friend Kelly's cabin in Utah, and this year we had new wildlife to enjoy. Thought you might really get a kick out of the family of chipmunks that came to feed on the porch. We started with seeds and nuts, and before long they were nibbling on watermelon rind and all kinds of goodies to fatten themselves up for the winter!!! Check out Mr. Cool and Casual, laying all stretched out while the others fed themselves. He looked just like my dog Roxy when she stretches out on the kitchen tile floor when its hot outside! He's a real mess! LOL!!!
It was a great weekend out of the smoke from the Calif fires and time to recharge my batteries for the weeks ahead. I will soon have some sneak peaks for you to see on my Houston quilt market projects.
I'll try to get back soon, you know if you don't hear from me right away I am busy sewing and quilting like crazy to meet deadlines! Until then, keep quilting!


Chookyblue...... said...

congrats........mrs famous now........wonderful achievement.........welldone.......

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Congratulations on having your quilt featured on the cover! How cool! And it's such a pretty quilt. I love the Argyle quilt, too. Thanks for sharing the photos of Cottage Garden -- that one has been on my to-do list for a while now!

PamKittyMorning said...


julia said...

Hi Diane,
congratulations on being a cover girl!!!! I totally understand why they chose yours. It's the perfect fall quilt {I'm so welcoming fall now, my fingers are itching to start another quilt - a fall themed one ;o)}.
Glad to hear that you could sneak some days away from the daily routine and relax to be fit for market time.
It must be fun to get to see (and work on) such beautiful quilts through your longarm service {oh, how I wish I lived closer, I sure had a quilt or two for you...but I think I already said that. Maybe each time you show a quilt quilted by you ;o)}.
Hugs, Julia

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Hi Diane,

Congrats on the quilt cover!!! You're famous now - Fons and Porter are quite the experts and to be noticed by them is exceptional.

It sounds like your life is busy now. Remember to take some time to smell the roses or in your case watch the chipmunks - love the shot of the one relaxing.

Have a great day.


Sherri said...

Congrats!!! As Always! Is there a shop called Quilters Quarters in Henderson...I don't know about that one!

Lynette Anderson said...

I am not surprised your gorgeous quilt made the magazine cover, its gorgeous well done. I am in love with the little creatures, are they chipmunks....very cute.

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