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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Working on Spring Market!!

I miss you all so much, but am so busy working on the Spring Market jobs. I still have 5 more quilts to complete by May, so time is of the essence and I really would like to be blogging and visiting all your sites!!!! Miss you guys and love all your stuff, I will be checking in on you as soon as I'm able. Just trying like crazy to NOT STRESS and work steady, get the jobs done and be a happy girl!!! LOL!!! I'll send you some sneak peaks real soon so you can see what I've been up too. I have been working on some great projects so stay tuned for sure!!! I have an attic window that is definitely NOT your Grandmother's attic window!!! I am so excited about it and getting such great responses already!!!

Hugs to you all, I'll be back soon!!!!!


Rocky Creek Scotties said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the new projects. Just take it easy and do one at a time - don't stress.

Have a fabulous Friday,

Anonymous said...

As my daughters say to me when there are deadlines looming.... 'Mum, breathe and take baby steps'....
hope you're on track,
see ya soon, Cheryl

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