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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meet Roxy!

This is Roxy! She is a 3 mo old Rat Terrier and I got her last Sunday. Now you know why I haven't been on my blog like I should have been! She is a very busy and smart little girl. I am going through the "potty training" phase, which I haven't done in over 14years, so needless to say it is a new challenge and very time consuming! But we love her and she is a sweetheart too, very loving and happy to have a new home with us. Doesn't she have the cutest face ever?!!

Here are some blocks of an embroidery quilt that I have been teaching for a year. I can't get these close ups to turn the right way, so hope you can make them out anyway!! This is a block of the month using machine embroidery and was lots of fun. We all used different colorways. This is a pattern by Lynda Howell called Bloomin Flowers. Below is a finished quilt center, still awaiting the final borders by Debbie Peterson! Everyone's quilts came out so cute.

These blocks were some work, but we had a great time making them! I am finishing up another quilt and 2 more boxes of fabric have arrived! More designs to work on and the longarm will be very busy soon. I am working on a line by Nancy Halvorsen and I'm really excited to get it started. There is always so many things to do and so little time! Roxy sleeps in my sewing room for her naps when I am sewing, but I do have give her some attention too! She has already learned how to sit and come, so hopefully she will being going out the doggy door to do more than just play!!
Will be talking to you all soon!
Have fun while summer's still here!


julia said...

oooh, Roxy is such a sweetie! I'm sure she'll learn her potty lessons soon...as she already sucessfully learned the lesson to look irresistible ;o)

Scott Watkins said...

Roxy looks very happy. What a cutie. How's Cindy dealing with the new one in the house?

Mar said...

Oh so that's where you've been. What a cutie!! Can't wait to see what you and Nancy Halvorsen have up your sleeves!

Anne Sutton said...

Hi Diane! I LOVE your Roxy, she is just adorable. What fun you are going to have with her! She's a keeper (:

debbie said...

Your new puppy is adorable!!! :o)

Susan said...

Hi Diane! What a cutie! Wow! Now you have two quilting buddies. Rat Terriers are very smart and easy to train. They make very good pets and you seen with Cindy. Roxy is so precious!

Thank you for the Rotary Cutting Book! I love it! I read it carefully and gained enough courage to start back with cutting my fabric. I finished one square of my first quilt. Visit my blog to see.

Again, a deep thank you! Tell hubby thanks for dropping it off in the mail!

Quilty hugs,

Anonymous said...

She is wonderfull,
I love the flower quilt also,
Thankyou so much

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